International courier service is a broad term that by itself explains the process of sending and receiving of goods or documents between two international countries combined with the normal regulatory checking procedures that is mandatory when goods cross between the borders of two countries.

International courier service does not involve just the normal procedures followed in the domestic courier service but include few mandatory procedures such as thorough checking of goods, invoice preparation mentioning its brand, quantity, weight and rate; packaging and dispatch of goods. It is then followed by tracking of shipments based on its route of transit until it reaches its destination. The whole process of courier has its successful completion only when it reaches the consignor safe on time.

We at SIBI LINKS, provide exclusive International Courier Service from our Coimbatore office. Apart from DHL International Courier Service Coimbatore, we also provide Fedex International Courier Service and ship medicines, books, electronics, personal goods and food items to various countries by following the norms and procedures of the respective destination country.